We already live for more than 15 years in the beautiful ‘Lange Dwarsstraat’ in a pleasant but small house. In the summer of 2014 we travelled to the region of Bordeaux (we like travelling a lot!) where we were welcomed with great hospitallity in a nice bed and breakfast. While sitting on a lounge sofa in the evening overlooking the vineyards with a glass of wine, we got the inspiration to start something fantastic ourselves. We are starting a bed and breakfast, so we can let people from over the whole world get acquainted with our hospitality and the beautiful historical city of Gouda!

We go for it and a few months later, in february 2015, we buy the house of our neighbour. During the next months there is a lot of rebuilding and the houses are merged together. The ground floor becomes part of our livingroom. The first floor of the old house next door gets its own private entry and is rebuilt totally. Everything is new en stylishly decorated with the most impressive bed and breakfast in mind.