Gouda windows
Who walks into the ‘Sint Jan’ falls silent at the sight of the majestic space with the 72 world famous stained glass windows. The experience only gets stronger when you see the wonderful light invade through the ‘Dutch Masters’. It is the… more

beginning of an impressive discovery along biblical and historical scenes full of human emotions.

Gouda cheese market
The GOUDA CHEESE MARKET is a spectacular and historic scene, held every Thursday morning from 6 April to 31 August 2017 (accept on Ascension Day – 25 May). Farmers negotiate over the price with the traders in front of the Weighing…. more

House. The deal is still sealed with a handshake, as it has been for centuries. The cheeses are delivered to and from the market on wagonettes and weighed after the sale in the monumental Weighing House.

Gouda by candlelight
On december 15th 2017 Gouda by candlelight takes place. It is a day with many highlights in music, theatre, culture and entertainment. From the early afternoon until late at night thousands of people enjoy themselves in the beautiful…. more

medieval town centre of Gouda. There is music everywhere, several walking tours can be done, there is streettheatre and dance. In Gouda’s beautiful churches Christmas concerts will be performed for free, the people from Gouda decorated their city wonderful, the shops are all open and restaurants prepare special menu’s.
When it gets dark, there will be no lights, but only candles in the old city center The highlight of the day takes place between 19.00 and 20.00 o clock on the marketsquare behind the famous old town hall. The mayor will read the Christmas story, the lights on the gigantic tree will be lit and thousands of people will sing along with the Christmas carols.

Spa Gouda
In the middle of the lively city centre of Gouda, behind an authentic facade in the style of the Amsterdam School, you will find the most beautiful inner city spa for total relaxation. In 1922 the building is built as a bath house and exactly 90 years…. more

later the doors opened again. This time as Spa Gouda that, thanks to the personal attention, the beautiful architecture and lots of daylight, is a place where you can truly rest. Who steps inside will, without any doubt, be amazed about the giant metamorphosis that the building has undergone in the last few years. In every small detail of the brilliant interior the rich Dutch history is lovely mixed with Oriental traditions. The love for the characteristic Gouda building and for the history of wellness worldwide is shown in an unique way. In Spa Gouda the Tales of 1001 nights have become reality.